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3 ways to get your groomswear right at your Gibraltar wedding

There may not traditionally be as much focus on how a groom dresses at a wedding as there is on the bride, but that doesn’t mean guys planning their Gibraltar weddings should ignore the sartorial aspect of their big day.

So, what are some of the best methods for striking the right balance with your Gibraltar groomswear?

Don’t be afraid to switch things up with your look

For several reasons, grooms shouldn’t hesitate to be a little more creative with their wedding-day look than their fathers or grandfathers may have been with theirs.

First of all, the days of only a traditional black, navy or dark grey suit being acceptable for a groom are long gone. Today, you might reasonably opt to have your wedding suit in a soft beige, pale grey or linen style, or even ditch the full suit in favour of a light jacket and trousers.

Secondly, just in case you’d somehow managed not to notice this by now, Gibraltar weddings can be pretty hot! Daily mean temperatures in the British Overseas Territory at the height of summer typically hover at nearly 25 degrees C.

Given the reputation that darker clothing has for retaining heat, you might therefore have practical reasons for opting for something ‘lighter’ – in several senses of that word – for your Gibraltar wedding outfit than a traditional dark suit.

Make sure you ‘read the room’

Having said all of the above about how great it is to exercise your freedom with what you wear at your wedding, we would also warn off grooms from an ‘anything goes’ approach to their Gibraltar wedding get-up.

After all, a wedding in a relatively grand and formal setting will always call for a slicker suit than a more laid-back outdoor event, where you might be able to wear something a bit more casual.

Also be sure to check with your other half what style they’re interested in adopting for the wedding, as you’ll want the two of you to look like you actually belong together on your special day, with neither of you feeling overdressed or underdressed.

Experiment with accessories

There are all kinds of fun ways of playing around with different elements of your look ahead of your wedding in Gibraltar.

Perhaps you might try out interesting pops of colour in your ties or bowties, or match your shirt to your pocket square? While we’re on the subject of shirts, a print shirt can be a great way of adding a bit of individuality to your wedding look.

It would be a shame if you were to see the process of selecting your groomswear for your wedding as a bit of a chore, when in truth, it can be such an excellent opportunity for flaunting your own style, in a manner that also perfectly complements your sweetheart’s appearance.

Get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today, and we’ll help you to take those first steps to holding a truly memorable wedding in this fabulous corner of the Mediterranean.