3 ways to ensure you choose the right engagement ring

engagement ring

3 ways to ensure you choose the right engagement ring

Selecting an engagement ring for one’s beloved is a task loaded with all manner of sensitivities and other important connotations, and it’s no different a situation for those planning weddings in Gibraltar

There’s no need to panic, though! Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’ve come up with some great tips to help lessen your panic when it comes to picking an engagement ring. 


Don’t necessarily fall for the stereotypes about expenditure 

It’s one of those things even those who have never before purchased an engagement ring know… you’re ‘supposed’ to spend about three months’ salary on it. Or that’s what tradition says, anyway. 

Recent statistics, though, indicate that it’s becoming much more typical for people to spend about a month’s wage on an engagement ring. 

In any case, the key thing is to only spend what is affordable and feels right for you. Remember that you have a lot of options when it comes to engagement rings, with different styles and stones greatly affecting the price – so don’t be afraid to ask your jeweller to educate you on these. 


Make sure you know about her preferred style 

While we very much hope that the quality of the engagement ring isn’t the factor that makes the difference between whether she says ‘yes’ or ‘no’, choosing a ring that she loves won’t exactly hurt your chances! 

But how much do you know about her favoured style? If your mind’s drawing a blank, look for all the important clues. Observe what kind and style of jewellery she already wears, and listen for her comments on her friends’ and relatives’ engagement rings as they get engaged. 

Another great tactic could be to rope in a friend or two of hers, and ask them what style of ring they think she’d like. You’ll have to swear them to secrecy, of course, but there’s a very high chance they’ll know exactly what kind of aesthetic your beloved would adore. 


Allow plenty of time to source the engagement ring 

At this time when the COVID-19 pandemic is causing many couples to delay their weddings, it’s easy to get complacent about how much time you have to source an engagement ring. 

The time you need to allow will differ, though, depending on what ring you’re obtaining, and where from. Even if you’re purchasing online or from a brick-and-mortar shop, it’s a good idea to allow plenty of time to compare different options and seek advice from the jeweller on your choice. 

As for if you’ve decided to plump for a bespoke engagement ring, it might take about four to six weeks to complete this process – encompassing such stages as the initial consultation, the sharing of technical sketches and the creation of the final ring in the workshop. 

Wherever you source the engagement ring from, it’s crucial not to put yourself in a position where you feel rushed to make a decision. So, carefully plan out the time you’ll spend browsing and considering engagement rings. 

Although we are trusted organisers of weddings in Gibraltar, our own team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can’t go as far as picking an engagement ring for you! What we can do, though, is help ensure so many other aspects of your nuptials in the British Overseas Territory go just right. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to us for more information about our wedding packages