3 ways to ensure guests have an unforgettable time at your Gibraltar wedding

3 ways to ensure guests have an unforgettable time at your Gibraltar wedding

When you think of weddings you’ve previously attended, it’s likely you picture a traditional white-dress church wedding. Although these types of weddings are commonplace, they don’t have to be this way! As your big day gets closer, it’s likely you’re beginning to feel nervous about making sure both you and your guests have the ultimate time.

If you’re getting married in Gibraltar and looking to guarantee that your wedding is the event of the year, keep reading for three ways to ensure your guests will thoroughly enjoy themselves on the day.  

  • Consider the weather 

There’s nothing worse than getting soaked to the bone and catching a chill any day, much less on your wedding day. If you’ve decided on getting married in Gibraltar, you should be able to largely avoid that all-too-familiar UK drizzle. Nonetheless, you should make sure you take the time of year into account and check out an advanced weather forecast before booking anything. 

It’s not just the rain you have to worry about, either. Humidity can also be a difficulty for some couples, and might wreak havoc with hair – not ideal when everyone’s spent hours trying to look their best for photos. 

  • Choose a unique wedding package 

We’re all about unique weddings here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings! We offer a Botanical Gardens Package, for example, that allows an intimate ceremony with room for up to 25 guests in the gardens, and more on the exclusive bridge opposite the romantic garden. 

If you’re really looking to wow your guests, think about choosing a rare wedding package that will be the talk of the town. That is likely to include hiring a wedding photographer so that everyone can re-experience the special day for years to come. 

  • Hire Polaroid cameras 

Or perhaps you like the idea of doing your wedding photography on a slightly more ‘DIY’ basis? If so, you might consider hiring Polaroid cameras, including insurance and individual packs of film. 

One option for ensuring everyone has an unforgettable time is to allow guests to make use of the cameras. They can add the photos to the guest book along with a little message, take the photos home as keepsakes of a great day, or you could even create keyrings as thank you gifts. 

If you are thinking of getting married in Gibraltar and you too want a wedding that nobody’s going to forget in a hurry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings so we can begin planning yours today.