3 ways to start planning a wedding in an exciting overseas destination

wedding dining table at an overseas wedding destination complete with a giant bunch of white and pink roses at the centre

3 ways to start planning a wedding in an exciting overseas destination

Getting engaged means an awful lot of things besides the sentimental – we’re talking practical matters like actually announcing the engagement, potentially planning an engagement party to celebrate the wonderful news, and arranging insurance for the engagement ring. Hey, we’re a wedding planning company – we have to remind you of such things! 

But what about if, now engaged, you and your beloved are already discussing the idea of tying the knot in another part of the world? 

Having arranged thousands of weddings in Gibraltar since 2008, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’re well-placed to provide some advice on the steps you should be taking right now to begin making that overseas wedding dream a reality. 


Go and see the place ‘in the flesh’, if you can 

Even if you already have a decent idea of exactly where you would like to get married, it can be a very good idea to arrange a short holiday to wherever you have in mind.  

You could treat it as a ‘research trip’ or even a ‘homework assignment’, in a way; it’s about seeing what the given place is like, and perhaps using the opportunity to figure out a few practical details of how you and your wedding attendees might get to and from the venue on the big day itself. 

While we’re by no means saying that anyone considering the merits of weddings in Gibraltar, for example, has to come and visit first, the fact that the average flight time from the UK to the British Overseas Territory is just under three hours might make you even more tempted to head over here for a short break. 


Look to the celebrities for inspiration 

When it comes to weddings in Gibraltar, there is a long history of celebrities setting an example, such stars as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Connery, and Sarah Churchill having chosen to formalise their unions here. And you can emulate quite a few of those celebrities with our great-value Registry Office Package

But taking inspiration from celebrities can naturally encompass a much broader range of things, such as looking at what they wore if they chose a warm destination wedding, or making note of what their favoured venue looked like. They might have also recalled some of their experiences with their wedding in interviews. 


Reach out to people who are well-placed to assist 

We all know that organising a wedding is stressful anyway – that’s the case even if you are simply tying the knot in the village next door. So when you’re considering doing so in a hot, glamorous, and potentially far-flung destination, it’s fair to say you will need to call upon all the help you can get from people who are well-qualified to help. 

And yes, family and friends can play a massive role in that, especially if some of them have got married in the past, and therefore know how overwhelming the wedding planning process can be. 

But when we talk about you reaching out for help, we’re probably referring in particular to what long-established experts in the planning of destination weddings, such as our own here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, can do. With our in-depth knowhow, experience, and contacts, we can make it so much easier for you to plan Gibraltar nuptials than would be the case if you were trying to organise your special day without that external assistance. 

So, why not discover for yourself what it is like to work with us? Enquire to Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we will help make sure all your choices for your upcoming wedding in the British Overseas Territory are the right ones, so that your big day in the sun lives up to its big promise.