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3 ways combining your wedding with your honeymoon can save you money

Destination weddings are a wonderful option for so many reasons. Say your vows under sunny skies, pose for photographs with a stunning backdrop and create memories in a vacation spot you can re-visit time and time again. Not only are there perks, but you can also save a lot of money. Especially if you consider combining your destination wedding with your honeymoon. In fact, here are three ways that combining your wedding with your honeymoon can save you money.

1. You get more for your money with destination weddings

In general, you often find you get more for your money when you get married abroad. Venues can be more affordable, exchange rates can work to your advantage, and wedding packages can include everything you need without hidden extras. Not only that, but by combining the two you can create one budget and save for both at the same time.

2. Only one lot of travel costs

Honeymooning in the same destination as your wedding means you only have one lot of travel costs. You can fly out to your country of choice, enjoy your wedding day, and then move into the honeymoon without any additional travel. It also frees up any rushing and stress you might have had to do to travel to your honeymoon after the wedding. By combining occasions, your honeymoon can start the very next day, and you can sit back and relax without losing time to travelling.

3. Package options

In many cases, packages are available to combine your wedding with your honeymoon. These packages can be created to combine all elements you want while saving you money by arranging it all through one source. Be sure to consider every detail, including food and drink options, holiday activities and room preferences.

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