3 trends to bear in mind for your wedding cake in 2021

3 trends to bear in mind for your wedding cake in 2021

We suspect that if we were to ask many of you in person whether you’re ready to move on from 2020, a lot of hands would shoot up!

But of course, in-person encounters are among the things most at a premium at the moment amid the continued uncertainty and instability brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. What implications, then, does this have for anyone interested in getting married in Gibraltar?

It certainly means that a lot of people have been pushing back previously planned 2020 weddings into 2021. If you’re among them, this, in turn, might cause you to use the time freed up to reassess certain aspects of your intended nuptials… including, perhaps, the wedding cake.

Your wedding cake should be far from an afterthought!

The preparation of a beautiful and delicious wedding cake is just one of the services that we’re pleased to provide for couples who use our wedding planning services here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.

But the cake, just like other aspects of weddings such as the dress and photography, is subject to certain trends over time. The coronavirus crisis has certainly shaken things up when it comes to weddings – so, what trends can we expect to see in the world of wedding cakes next year?

Here are a few that have been predicted.

Even greater movement towards personalisation

Sure, personalised wedding cakes are nothing new! But after the challenges of the past year that have forced many couples to postpone their weddings, many of them are likely to be especially attracted to the idea of personalising their cake with an enchanting and beautiful message.

Small and intimate… or large and dramatic cakes

Doesn’t this just sound like we’re hedging our bets by saying, “well, probably everything will be in fashion in wedding cakes in 2021”?

That might seem so. But what we’re really talking about, is that couples are likely to be particularly drawn to one of these ‘extremes’ or the other after the trauma this year has represented for so many of us.

Both the low-key and more ‘ambitious’ approach are absolutely valid, and it’ll be fascinating to see how these contrasting tendencies manifest in the wedding cakes of 2021.

Colourful and ‘painted’ wedding cakes

If you’re set to attend a fair few weddings between now and when you tie the knot yourself, don’t be surprised if you see a wedding cake or two that resembles a colour-splattered Impressionist, watercolour or abstract artwork.

Several observers in the wedding cake industry have predicted that couples won’t be in too much mood to be subtle with their cakes next year, and we can understand why. 

This slightly more ‘expressive’ cake aesthetic allows the couple to incorporate their wedding colours into their cake in a more imaginative and idiosyncratic fashion than may have generally been the case for wedding cakes in years past.

Would you like to begin your discussion with professional and seasoned wedding planners about both the broader and finer details of getting married in Gibraltar? If so, our own team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings is available at the other end of the phone.

Together, we’ll help to ensure you enjoy a fun and romantic – not to mention thoroughly tasty – 2021 wedding in the British Overseas Territory!