3 top sights to see on your Gibraltar honeymoon

Gibraltar honeymoon sights

3 top sights to see on your Gibraltar honeymoon

If you’re reading this, the appeal of getting married in Gibraltar probably won’t be much of a mystery to you. With its wealth of history, stunning views, and glorious weather, the British Overseas Territory provides quite the backdrop on which to exchange vows with your beloved and enjoy your special day together. 


But there’s even better news; your magical Gibraltar experience as a couple doesn’t have to end once you have said the “I dos”. The fact is, this destination at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula is packed with amazing activities and sights to see. 


So, what are some of those must-visit spots? Below, the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team has picked out a few of them. 


  • The Rock of Gibraltar


One of the most famous landmarks in Europe, the Rock of Gibraltar is the perfect place to catch your breath, savour the magic, and take in the breathtaking views – and at 1,397 feet above sea level, there will be plenty to feast your eyes on. 


The sights that can be admired from here encompass the coastline of the nearby Costa del Sol, the city of Gibraltar, and – on a great day – Morocco in North Africa. And if you would like to take in those views during your Gibraltar wedding itself, why not give some serious thought to our Mons Calpe Suite package


  • St Michael’s Cave


Get up close and personal with both nature and history when you take a tour of St. Michael’s Cave, a stunning labyrinth of limestone that sits just on the Rock of Gibraltar. Stalactites hang tight from the ceiling, reaching down to meet their stalagmite companions, and the whole area is packed with rich history and wonder – the perfect adventure with which to start married life. 


  • Europa Point Lighthouse


You would go to the ends of the Earth for the one you love – but for now, why not head to the very edge of Gibraltar and explore the Europa Point Lighthouse? Marvel at the spot where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, and take a moment to get some serious perspective.


With its history dating back to the 1830s, Europa Point Lighthouse is another structure in the territory that, if its walls could speak, would have quite some tales to tell. It has been subject to many improvements down the years, including the completion of automation in 1994. 


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So, there you have it – three of the must-see spots to which to head once you have exchanged your vows. Your enchanting time spent in Gibraltar won’t have to conclude with your wedding celebrations; this is a captivating part of Europe, with so much to explore and discover. 


As for if the two of you would like some assistance with your wedding planning and you are interested in getting married in Gibraltar, why not reach out to the people who have arranged thousands of Gibraltar nuptials since 2008? It could barely be any easier to get in touch with us here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, via phone or email.