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3 tips on keeping cool at a summer wedding for grooms

There is no doubt that summer is one of the most popular seasons for weddings in Gibraltar and in many other parts of the world. The good weather is ideal to help guests and the couple getting married have a fabulous time. One issue that some grooms can have with a summer wedding though is staying cool. If you are starting to plan a wedding or have got one lined up already, the below tips should help any groom avoid overheating.

Choose a cool material for your suit

What the Groom wears on his big day is a big deal. Naturally, you want to be looking smart and stylish to wow your guests. For those getting married in summer though, going for wedding suits in more traditional materials could leave you hot and bothered. A great tip to look good while staying cool is going for suits made from lighter materials such as linen. Another great idea to help here is ditching some of the accessories like cravats or waistcoats to avoid getting too hot.

Give your hair and beard a trim

One thing that will certainly make you feel hotter during the summer months is having too much hair. It is therefore wise to get a fresh haircut and trim any facial hair you might have before the big day. But what if long hair and a full beard is your normal look? In this case, it is still worth considering trimming them up a little to keep you cooler while retaining your usual appearance.

Pick the venue carefully

Everyone knows that the wedding venue you choose has a major impact on how well the wedding day goes. It is also important for staying cool when tying the knot. If you plan to marry outside, ensure that there is some shade for you and your bride to stay cool in. If you will marry inside, make sure the venue has air conditioning for you and your guests to enjoy.

Weddings in Gibraltar – the ideal summer celebration

The above are some great tips for grooms who plan to marry over the summer and worry about getting too hot on the day itself. Before you can do any of this though, you need to decide on where you will marry. Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we help couples plan out their big day in Gibraltar and other locations around the world. Get in touch today for more details.