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3 tips for planning your 2021 wedding amid COVID-19 uncertainty

First of all, some bad news for those of you contemplating Gibraltar weddings – or indeed, nuptials held pretty much anywhere else – next year: the coronavirus crisis has definitely not gone away, and doesn’t look likely to have faded into the distance even by next year.

That means the ongoing pandemic will need to be factored into your wedding planning. What, then, are some of the best ways to ensure the special day you organise for 2021 really does turn out to be every inch as special as it should be, even on a backdrop of coronavirus-related challenges?

Move quickly and decisively, but not rashly

It doesn’t take an expert in the planning of Gibraltar weddings to appreciate that an awful lot of postponed weddings in 2020 translates into an awful lot fewer days on which venues and suppliers will be available for your own favoured wedding date in 2021.

So, if there’s a particular date you have in mind for your 2021 nuptials, and perhaps certain venues and wedding service providers you like the look of, now is the time to contact them before they become fully booked up. Just make sure you don’t rush into committing to anything that you and your beloved aren’t absolutely happy and comfortable with.

Consider booking in 2022 instead, if this suits you

If you were initially going to tie the knot with your sweetheart this year, only for the virus outbreak to force you to put back your plans, we can completely understand you not wishing to wait even longer to finally make your wedding dream a reality.

Other couples, however, may not be in any great rush to marry. Mindful of the demand for 2021 dates, you might therefore consider booking for a 2022 date instead, and making the most of the long run-up time to make your big day one you really will remember for all of the finest reasons.

Think about coronavirus-related safety and practical changes

It’s fair to say that weddings everywhere, and certainly Gibraltar weddings, don’t always look quite the same now as they did prior to the pandemic. Indeed, the sensible changes that have already been made to weddings across the globe to help to protect health and wellbeing are likely to become standard by 2021.

Depending on the situation with the virus’s spread around the world by the time of your own wedding date, as well as various other practical factors, you’ll therefore probably have to think carefully about how you will organise your nuptials to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Will you look to minimise the number of people present at your wedding, for example, to keep the risk of virus transmission low? Or if you’re hoping to hold a bigger bash, what steps will you take to ensure social distancing? What will your arrangements for serving food be? Will you swap a dance floor, with its scope for people to venture overly close to each other, for a mode of entertainment that instead emphasises wedding guests remaining in their seats?

Naturally, everyone has different preferences and expectations when it comes to Gibraltar weddings. Fortunately, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we are skilled and experienced in accommodating the widely varying needs of couples who choose us as their wedding organisers.

Email or call our team now, then, or browse our wedding packages to get a sense of the possibilities for your own Gibraltar nuptials in 2021 or beyond. We’ll help to ensure your wedding satisfies your highest ambitions, no matter what inconveniences COVID-19 may threaten to bring.