3 things you should avoid doing if you’re setting up a wedding website

3 things you should avoid doing if you’re setting up a wedding website

Earlier this year, we wrote on the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings blog suggesting that you could spend the run-up to the spring constructing a wedding website, which is an increasingly prominent trend in today’s highly digitally oriented world. And we’ve even written in the past about the key things you might look to include on such a website.

That still leaves one other subject uncovered, though… the question of what you shouldn’t include on your wedding website. 

Yes, putting together a wedding website isn’t a ‘rule-free’ process – there are certain things we would urge you to avoid doing! So, whether you’re getting married in Gibraltar shortly or it’s a more distant prospect, here are some things you probably ought to not do with your own wedding website. 

Providing only the most basic information 

If the only things you have on your wedding website are a small picture of the two of you or the venue, along with the venue address and the date and time of the wedding, was it worth you going to the bother of creating a wedding website at all? 

What your wedding website should really exist to do, is provide would-be guests with all the details they will need to know in preparation for their attendance at the most special event of your life. 

In other words, it’s there to answer all those knotty questions – the dress code, the parking arrangements, what food and drink will be available, and so on – that you will frankly get bored of answering if you fail to answer them on your wedding website. 

So, when you are building your wedding website and starting to populate it with content, be sure to look through your wedding schedule, and start listing those questions prospective attendees are likely to ask you. These can then be answered in informative fashion on the website. 

Sharing… a bit too much information 

If you’ve ever had anyone say “TMI!” (standing for “Too Much Information”) to you on social media after you got a bit overexcited talking about something personal, you’ll probably understand what we’re getting at here. Not everything needs to be shared, especially with guests who simply want to know how to get to the venue, or what local hotels you recommend for overnight stays. 

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that your wedding website should be utterly soulless – a blog section with a post briefly explaining how the two of you met can actually be really sweet. Just make sure you aren’t saying (or showing) anything on your wedding website that you wouldn’t gladly show your grandmother. 

Giving away too many surprises 

While there is naturally a need with a wedding website to share essential practical details like those we have outlined above, you shouldn’t go into so much detail that you eliminate any element of surprise about your nuptials. Your guests should still be left with something to discover when they turn up to your wedding in person.

So, refrain from using your wedding website to exhaustively explain every aspect of the venue décor, or everything you went through in deciding on a wedding dress. Instead, share some ‘teasing’ information, and leave enough unsaid that the ‘buzz’ and anticipation for your big day is able to build. 

There you have it – three things that you’re probably better off not doing with your wedding website, if you do decide to set up one when getting married in Gibraltar. And don’t forget that if you would appreciate the more direct advice and assistance of our team, you are very welcome to enquire directly to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team, including about our wedding packages