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3 simple ways to make a glamorous wedding more affordable

One of the unfortunate things we learn when we become adults is that we can’t have everything – or at least, we think that’s the case. Sometimes, our apparently impossible dreams actually are within reach after all, and it’s more about simply being savvy with the decisions that we make.

In fact, with just a few steps, you might be able to make that seemingly unattainable ‘glamour’ wedding so much more financially feasible. Here are a few great ways to do exactly that, as explained by our seasoned planners of weddings in Gibraltar.

Borrow key items

How will your attendees possibly know whether that gorgeous tiara, veil or venue decor is yours, or you simply borrowed it from someone? OK, they’ll possibly know if they’re the person you borrowed it from! But if a friend of yours has got married already and has these things lying around at home, it might seem silly for you to spend a lot of money buying alternatives yourself.

And of course, as the traditional rhyme goes, you’re supposed to wear ‘something borrowed’ at your wedding anyway, so you might as well start asking around to see who has got what…

Cut the guest list down

We ‘ummed’ and ‘aahed’ a little over whether to include this one, as we know it can be really difficult for many couples to effectively turn people away from attending their wedding.

However, the fact remains that a larger number of attendees means higher costs. Plus, if you specifically aim for a more low-key, intimate wedding – as we have written about previously here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings – you can make a virtue of the fact that only a select few people will be invited.

It’ll feel less like a ‘budget’ wedding, in other words, and more like an exclusive event that only the most special people in your life have the privilege of attending!

Stay home for your wedding… while going away 

If your finances are tight, holding your wedding overseas might seem to be the very first idea you cross off the list of ‘nice to haves’. But even that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case – especially given that you could get married in one particular sunshine destination for as little as £210.

That destination is, of course, Gibraltar, which offers so many of the benefits of a Spanish wedding – such as a consistently wonderful Mediterranean climate and stunning natural scenery – without the barrier that Spain’s residency restrictions bring.

And there’s also naturally the good old British pound, red post boxes and high-street shops to make you feel at home, while you are technically away from home. It’s no wonder, then, that weddings in Gibraltar are so sought-after by those who desire a both glamorous and financially sensible location for their nuptials.

We’re big believers here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings that there’s no such thing as a ‘bargain bin’ wedding – all such occasions are exceedingly special and glamorous in their own ways! And if you have any doubt about that, why not contact our team now about how we could work with you to make your own big day as attainable as it is unforgettable?