3 reasons why a wedding videographer is close to essential

3 reasons why a wedding videographer is close to essential

When it comes to organising weddings in Gibraltar – especially in the current age in which there is often so much pressure to keep costs low – it can be easy to imagine that certain things just aren’t really ‘needed’ in your nuptials, and can therefore be cut out. 


Videography might seem to be one of those things – or to be more specific, hiring a professional videographer, given that it’s probably inevitable that at least someone at your wedding will be recording much of what happens on their smartphone. 


Of course, you don’t have to have a wedding videographer, this service being just one of the ‘optional extras’ we offer with our packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. But there are good reasons to treat professional wedding videography as closer to an ‘essential’ than a mere ‘nice to have’, as we have set out below. 


The best wedding videographers are brilliant at what they do 


This perhaps should be an obvious point to make, but it’s one worth emphasising. A professional videographer’s capability and expertise will go far beyond that of your friend’s mate’s cousin who happens to have his iPad with him at the wedding (unless they happen to be a professional videographer too, of course). 


Whether it’s about capturing those gorgeous, sentimental moments when you and your beloved might not even realise a camera is pointed at you, or knowing when and how to ‘stay out of the way’ so that spontaneity can be preserved in the final footage, there is a definite art to being an effective wedding videographer. 


In short, a professional videography service is one wedding expense that neither of you are likely to regret. 


Wedding videography represents excellent value for money 


While there might be certain aspects of your wedding planning where you can afford to be more of a ruthless ‘bean-counter’ – or indeed, have to be – we wouldn’t advise that you simply skip the wedding videography on the basis of, “well, we’ve paid for a photographer anyway”. 


After all, footage of your special day, and being able to rewatch and reflect on that footage for many years to come with your beloved, really isn’t something you can put a price on. 


High-quality, professional wedding videography really is of immense sentimental value, which is why you should regard it as an investment, rather than just another item of wedding-day expenditure that you need to minimise. 


This is not to suggest, of course, that you should accept literally any price you are quoted for a wedding videographer’s services; budgetary realities are still budgetary realities. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that investing in wedding-day videography means investing in something that will last a lifetime. 


Wedding videography helps to preserve once-in-a-lifetime experiences forever 


Of course, even the best wedding videographer won’t capture everything about your special day – there is, after all, only one direction in which a camera can be pointed at any one time. But it will certainly go a long way to capturing and preserving the special essence of your wedding day, encompassing experiences that you will never have again. 


Yes, a great wedding photographer will help with that, too. But by investing in both photography and videography services for your nuptials, you can help ensure all manner of images, sounds, and emotions from your big day are preserved for re-appreciation in years, and even decades to come. 


Has all the above got you inspired and excited about the possibilities for your upcoming wedding? If so, why not follow in the footsteps of thousands of other couples who have organised their weddings in Gibraltar with our help? 


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