3 quick tips when preparing for a spring destination wedding

organisation tips for Gibraltar wedding

3 quick tips when preparing for a spring destination wedding

This past year has been difficult in many ways for people across the world. With travel restrictions and government guidelines in place, the global pandemic has meant that many weddings have had to be postponed or reorganised, at home and abroad.


The same can be said for many of the Gibraltar weddings that were initially planned to take place in 2020 and 2021. Some couples are opting to go ahead with a smaller number of guests than originally intended, perhaps allowing loved ones left behind to join in with the celebrations via Zoom


Other couples, meanwhile, might decide to elope, and others have simply ended up delaying their nuptials. The exact decision you make about any wedding in Gibraltar of your own, of course, will depend heavily on your own requirements and circumstances. 


Getting married at one of the finest times of the year 


Nonetheless, if you do decide to postpone your wedding for a year or two, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it does give you more time to plan. It could also give you greater luxury to have your wedding at a time of year when you most want it to happen, such as the spring. 


Yes, this blog post is about Gibraltar weddings held in the spring, which really can offer the best of all worlds as far as wedding seasons are concerned. So, let’s look at three ways you can help make your own spring nuptials memorable ones – for all of the right reasons. 

  • Plan for the weather 

Although you might think Gibraltar weddings won’t be that hot in the spring, it’s important to remember that this is still the Mediterranean, and not cold and drizzly mainland Britain! 


Indeed, daily mean temperatures during the typical Gibraltarian April hover at about 17 degrees C, or 62 degrees F, which is a lot higher than tends to be seen in the UK at the same time of year. 


This means that even in the spring, there might still be the risk of you overheating in a traditional wedding dress or three-piece suit. Although it might look fantastic for the ceremony itself, and in your wedding photos, it is always good to have a lighter alternative to change into later in the day. 

  • Incorporate seasonal flowers

Spring is the season of new life and an abundance of nature – so why not embrace it by using some local seasonal flowers? As there will be no shortage of flowers, this could even make your dream bouquet a bit more budget-friendly. 


Order your selection of handpicked seasonal flowers as soon as you can to get the best deal, or alternatively, get creative and pick your own wildflowers for a more rustic feel. 


Don’t forget that our own wedding packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings include a beautiful bridal bouquet, consisting of 13 fresh roses with green foliage and organza ribbon. 

  • Carefully select your wedding venue

Choosing the right venue with its own character can totally transform your wedding. For Gibraltar weddings, our Botanical Gardens package is an especially popular one, being set in beautiful surroundings that will enable everyone present to feel close to nature. 


Alternatively, you might like the idea of your Gibraltar wedding being based on the beach, taking advantage of the warm weather and sunshine. If you do favour this, however, it is also sensible to have an indoor area available to which you can retreat, in case of a cool breeze or spot of rain. 


Browse our wide range of wedding packages here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we’re sure you’ll find just the right option for ticking all of those key sentimental and practical boxes alike! 


There’s no doubt about it – spring weddings can be exceedingly and unforgettably romantic, especially with everything that Mother Nature has to offer us. Blooming flowers and warm sunshine can help make any day full of joy. 


So, if you do have your heart set on a gorgeous spring wedding in Gibraltar, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, so that we can all start planning with you!