3 questions to ask yourself when deciding on the right size of wedding for you and your beloved

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3 questions to ask yourself when deciding on the right size of wedding for you and your beloved

One of the first things that couples engaged to be married have historically needed to think about when looking ahead to their wedding, is how “big” they want their special day to be. And by “big”, we’re essentially talking about the size of the guest list. 


In some ways, this may seem an odd subject to touch on during the coronavirus crisis, given the restrictions that have been placed on wedding attendee numbers regardless. Sure enough, Gibraltar weddings continue to be subject to such limits to help minimise the spread of COVID-19


But with effective coronavirus vaccines now becoming available around the world, if you’re only just starting to plan your big day now, it would be nice to think that by the time it actually happens, such restrictions will be either somewhat looser, or completely a thing of the past. 


So, let’s give some broad advice for things to think about when you’re trying to decide how many people to invite to your wedding – whether it takes place in Gibraltar or elsewhere. 


How much do you want all of your friends and family to be there on your special day?


A wedding, of course, is an extremely personal event – as personal as they come. So, it’s important to discuss with your partner what instinctively feels right for the two of you. 


There may be cultural or personal factors dictating whether you opt for a larger or smaller guest list. But whatever decision you make, both of you need to comfortable with it. Remember that weddings of all sizes can be exceedingly special in their own respective ways. 


How many close friends and relatives do you have? 


Some of us getting married do have large families, which will almost inevitably mean a longer guest list than would be the case for those couples with just a handful of really close friends and relatives.


Naturally, certain other factors – such as your budget or the size of the venue – may force you to cut down the number. 


So, think about whether you could invite only the very closest of those people to your ceremony, and have a much bigger guest list for the evening celebrations. Also consider whether there are particular people who your parents or grandparents would especially like to be there. 


If your extended family and friend circles include many children, an ‘adults-only’ wedding could be one option for reducing the guest list. That does mean, though, that some of your invitees almost certainly won’t be able to come, whether that’s down to travel factors or the difficulty of finding alternative childcare arrangements. 


Where are you intending to get married? 


Some of you reading this may have found your way onto this site due an interest in having your wedding abroad. And here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we’ll always sing the praises of Gibraltar weddings in the sun-drenched and historic surroundings of the British Overseas Territory! 


One worry you may have about the idea of overseas destination nuptials from a guest-list perspective, though, is the difficulty travel may pose to older or otherwise vulnerable guests of yours. There may be certain friends or relatives in this group who you couldn’t bear not to have at your wedding, so this could be a major influence on your choice of wedding location. 


This is another decision that will naturally be very personal, although it’s worth bearing in mind that if your invitees can’t travel too far away, this doesn’t necessarily entirely rule out a destination wedding. After all, typical flight times between the UK and Gibraltar are only about three hours. 


The above questions aren’t the only ones you will need to ask yourself when considering what size of wedding would work best for you and your sweetheart, with such factors as budget, family relations and even just personal preference all playing a role. 


It’s no wonder, then, that organising a wedding can be so overwhelming and stressful for so many of us! Get in touch with the capable and experienced Gibraltar weddings team here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today, and we can help take some of that load off you. Simply contact us by email today, or give us a call on +(350) 54024179 or +(350) 54023965.