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3 of the best Gibraltar wedding locations

Are you looking to get married abroad? If you’re from the UK, Gibraltar is definitely worth considering. The island, which is situated off Spain’s south coast, is a British Overseas Territory and is the perfect location all year round thanks to its mild winters and dry summers.

Gibraltar is full of hidden gems, so if you’re looking for your dream wedding venue, look no further. Read on as we uncover the best wedding locations in Gibraltar.

Botanical Gardens (The Alameda)

Known for being one of the most beautiful wedding spots in, getting married at The Alameda is ideal for those who want a wedding surrounded by nature. The Botanical Gardens is home to tropical plants and beautiful flowers and is very secluded, making any ceremony here very romantic. If you’re wanting an intimate yet luxury wedding, The Alameda is certainly a venue to consider. However, it’s important to note that it’s small, so only 25 guests will be able to witness you saying your vows.

The Lounge Restaurant

The Lounge Restaurant is another popular venue for a wedding in Gibraltar, but it has a totally different vibe. A family-owned business which was formed in 2010, it quickly gained popularity as a wedding venue. If you’re a foodie, this may be the ideal wedding location for you. You will enjoy freshly made food from professional chefs who use only the best quality ingredients, so you’re bound to have a feast after the ceremony!

Mons Calpe Suite

This is a truly unique destination for a wedding because the Mons Calpe Suite is perched on top of the Rock of Gibraltar! This is a truly breathtaking location with gorgeous scenic views. Accessible by a cable car ride, it will be an experience to remember for your guests. The venue is impressive and with such a stunning view only a few feet away, your wedding guests will be blown away (not literally!).

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