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3 ideas to make your wedding in Gibraltar truly memorable

Gibraltar is a stunning place to get married and has masses of rugged charm and beauty to offer. This alone will give any wedding in Gibraltar a special feel, but everyone wants to make their big day stand out from the rest. This means finding extra touches to make your wedding day even more memorable are needed. But what are the best 3 ways you can make your Gibraltar wedding more memorable?

1) Hire a wedding band or singer

Come the evening reception, everyone is ready to party and have a great time. This can often be the favourite part of the day for many, as you get to relax more. To make your evening reception truly memorable, why not hire a Gibraltar-based singer or wedding band? While DJs are fine, live music has much more of an impact and will make your big day one to remember.

2) Make a holiday of it

Gibraltar is popular as a wedding destination for so many due to its location. It is easy to get to from many places after all and this means lots of people can reach it without having to endure a long flight. While this does make it ideal for simply popping over to get married and then heading back, why not turn your special day into a holiday?

This will make it extra memorable for the bride and groom, plus anyone else who decides to do the same. With so much to see and do on the island, you will not get bored. If you choose to stay for a while after the wedding, it also means you have your honeymoon sorted too!

3) Get married in the Botanical Gardens

Getting married in Gibraltar is a wise choice because of the many awesome places to tie the knot at. If you want to make your wedding day linger in people’s minds though, getting married in the Botanical Gardens is worth considering. These gardens contain an area known as The Dell. This is a secluded, Italian style garden which is the essence of romance. Its beautiful and tranquil surroundings are sure to add extra magic to the occasion.

Let Sweet Gibraltar Weddings help

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, our team has the experience, skills and local knowledge to make your wedding on the island memorable. Whether you choose to marry at The Dell with our Botanical Gardens package or you need help organising another venue on the island, we are the people to contact. Get in touch with us at today for more details.