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3 great ways to make your multicultural wedding work

Gibraltar weddings will always be very special for many reasons. However, one aspect of the British Overseas Territory that especially catches the eye of many a couple deciding to tie the knot here, is its reputation as a successful model for multiculturalism.

And with it becoming more common these days for people from different cultural or religious backgrounds to marry, it’s never been more important to know how to organise a multicultural wedding that will long be remembered by everyone for all of the fondest reasons.

Here, then, are some of our favourite tips for getting your nuptials right when it’s not just the two of you, but also your respective cultures that you’ll need to marry.

Talk to each family about the cultural differences

Different cultures naturally come with different customs and expectations, and you’ll want to ensure the scope for any friction between the various cultures involved in your wedding is ironed out at the earliest possible stage.

That will inevitably entail sitting down with and educating each family on the key cultural differences, which will also help you to ascertain who is comfortable with what. Not everyone who attends your wedding may be happy to wear particular cultural garb, for instance, but others might well be! And of course, it’ll all help to minimise the likelihood of embarrassing faux pas.

Ensure your chosen planners and venue can accommodate your needs

It’s a great idea to work with professional wedding planners who will be able to help ensure all of those knotty practical elements of organising your special day go just fine. However, not all businesses that plan Gibraltar weddings are able to cater to every pressing cultural need you may have.

So, be sure to contact potential planners and venues well in advance, so that you can discuss how they may tailor their packages and offerings to your specialised requirements.

Be bold and imaginative – but also culturally appropriate – with your fashion

Sure, how everyone dresses is another aspect of organising a multicultural wedding that might present certain sensitivities as to what is “right” or “appropriate”. But it also offers a lot of scope for fun and creativity – for example, by embracing unashamedly contemporary outfits that also incorporate nods to you and your sweetheart’s respective cultures.

Some cultures do blend better than others in this way, of course. And if the clash would seem too great to mix them in one outfit, consider how you could switch things up between the ceremony and the reception. For example, religious sensitivities might prompt you to wear a dress that covers your shoulders during the ceremony, before opting for a strapless dress for the reception.

The above are naturally far from the only factors that those organising multicultural Gibraltar weddings will need to concern themselves with in the months leading up to their big day. That is all the more reason for you to reach out to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team nice and early, whether via phone or email, so that we can talk to you about exactly how we could serve your preferences and needs.