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3 essential things to remember when heading to Gibraltar for your wedding

Gibraltar has always been a popular place to get married due to its convenient location, fabulous venues, awesome accommodation and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you plan to marry on the island from the UK or another part of the world, it is a superb choice. If travelling to marry here from abroad though, it is vital to be organised and bring everything you need with you before setting off.

But what 3 essentials do all couples need to pack when coming to Gibraltar for their wedding?

Passport, tickets and paperwork

The first real essential for anyone heading out to Gibraltar for their wedding involves documentation and paperwork. Coming to the “island” from abroad will naturally involve travelling from your country. This means you must remember to pack your passport and flight tickets. It is also key to remember any documents for your wedding you might need. Evidence of your Special Marriage Licence for example is essential, as is remembering key documents like your birth certificate.

Dresses, suits and shoes

Once you have all your paperwork and documents in order then you need to pay attention to your clothes. It might sound blindingly obvious but you must not forget to pack your wedding dress (for the bride) or your suit (for the groom). In addition, do not leave the shoes you plan to wear behind when you jet off for Gibraltar! It is also key to remember all the various accessories you plan to wear on your big day – from waistcoats and cufflinks for the groom to special necklaces or a veil for the bride.


Whether it is just the groom who plans to make a speech on the big day or the bride will also make one, you must remember to bring what you plan to say with you. Forgetting a funny, perfectly crafted speech you have worked hard on for months is a real pain. While you may remember some of it, you might well forget the best bits. It is, therefore, crucial to brings printed out speeches with you when you head off.

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings can help

If you are looking for help ensuring your wedding runs smoothly in Gibraltar, let us help. Our expert team of locally based staff can help get any licences or documents you may need to marry. This gives you one less thing to worry about and means you have more time to remember things like speeches and dresses/suits. Get in touch at today for a chat.