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3 easy ways to include stay at home guests in your destination wedding

Choosing to get married abroad is guaranteed to create lifelong memories for your guests. And those attending a Gibraltar wedding will have the pleasure of enjoying breathtaking scenery and beautiful sunshine as they watch the happy couple tie the knot. But what about those who can’t make it?

Unfortunately, every couple planning a destination wedding will have to prepare for missing friends and relatives. Some may not be able to get the time off work, others could be too old to fly or have family commitments that prevent them from having too much time away. But this shouldn’t put you off your dream wedding in Gibraltar or any other foreign destination. Because now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are multiple ways those back home can still join in with your special day.

1. Send a wedding box to your stay at home guests

Encourage your friends and family to hold their own celebrations by sending them some goodies that will make them feel part of the action. Think mini bottles of champagne, corsages, buttonholes, confetti, slices of wedding cake, favours and photobooth props to keep your remote guests involved in each step of the day.

2. Use a hashtag to stay connected

Create your own unique wedding hashtag so that all your guests can share photos from your celebration both at home and abroad. Those at home will be able to see snaps from the ceremony in real-time and you could even arrange a screen at your venue to display photos from missing guests throughout the day.

If you have a lot of guests staying at home, you could go a step further and create a virtual venue in the form of a Facebook group where people can interact with each other. This is also a good place to post links to any live streams you have planned.

3. Livestream the ceremony

Facebook Live, Periscope and Youtube Live are all free apps that will allow you to stream your ceremony for your virtual guests. It’s wise to have a small test run beforehand to ensure that you’ve got the filming angle and sound levels just right.

And for the reception, encourage your virtual guests to hold their own Zoom parties by providing a wedding playlist so they can dance with you well into the night.

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings is dedicated to helping you plan the perfect day for you and all your guests both at home and in Gibraltar. Get in touch to find out more.