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3 delicious foods to consider for your Gibraltar wedding

Chances are you’re hosting your wedding in Gibraltar because of the beauty of the island, the warm, friendly vibe of the locals, and the wonderful climate – but did you know the food is world-famous too? Including some traditional Gibraltarian food in your wedding feast is a great way to introduce your guests to some local delicacies on your big day. Below are a few suggestions that will give your big day that traditional Llanito guests will cherish:


Loved for being the national dish of Gibraltar, calentita is a pizza-style dish. It’s made from chickpea flour and olive oil and oven-baked to perfection, but only includes salt and pepper sprinkled liberally on top in place of other toppings. Calentita stems back to the 16th century when it was introduced to Gibraltar by migrants from Genoa. It’s a delightful alternative to bread as a starter on your big day – or you could serve it at the end of the night, as a filling midnight snack.


Tapas is world-renowned throughout the region, but Gibraltarian tapas is a culinary experience of their own. Delight guests with a selection of local delicacies such as BBQ Iberico pork, octopus, and morsels of locally crafted charcuterie. Meatballs, mixed olives, garlic prawns (popular throughout the area!) and a selection of local cheeses are always well-received too.


Traditionally found in local pastry shops around Gibraltar, japonesas are a kind of doughnut stuffed to the brim with custard or chocolate. These fried delicacies will be a treat for guests and would make either a great dessert or special favour. Place one of the delicious, handmade japonesas with each guest’s place card on their plate for a personal touch.

Whichever selection of foods you use for your Gibraltar wedding buffet or sit-down dinner, the local cuisine is varied and delicious. It’s sure to delight your bridal party and guests alike and make for a memorable culinary experience. You may also wish to recommend a selection of favourite local restaurants to guests travelling from afar, so they can continue to explore all the scrumptious delights local chefs have to offer.

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