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3 cool and unusual things to do when you come to Gibraltar to get married

You and your sweetheart may consider our Gibraltar wedding packages for many reasons. The affordability of this British overseas territory for British couples is certainly one factor, as is the ease and speed with which you can get married here – as no less than John Lennon and Yoko Ono appreciated! But there’s another reason why Gibraltar should be your go-to wedding destination…

That reason is the variety of somewhat… well, let’s say, odd or even weird things you can do here, that it’s unlikely you’d have the option of doing at whatever other potential locations you may be comparing for your nuptials.

Here are just a few of those cool and unusual activities that could await you as a newlywed in Gibraltar.

Hanging out with Barbary macaques

Yep, this is definitely something that it’s unlikely you’d have the chance to do if you got married in King’s Lynn (with no offence meant to any Norfolk readers!). In fact, the Barbary macaques in Gibraltar are the sole wild monkey population on the whole of the European continent, so it’s understandable that many visitors to Gibraltar rush to have their photos taken with them.

You’ll find these cheeky and inquisitive creatures in the Upper Rock area of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, as well as in town when they make their occasional forays to this part of the territory.

Be wary of getting too close to them, though, as they’re still wild animals and may bite if frightened or annoyed.

Learning a bit of Llanito

OK, so we’re not exactly promising that you’ll get the time to become a fluent speaker if you purchase one of our Gibraltar wedding packages, as you may only be here for a very short – albeit special – time. Nonetheless, it’s another experience that you’re pretty much guaranteed to never have elsewhere, given that Llanito is a vernacular unique to Gibraltar.

Llanito isn’t the official language of Gibraltar – that being, of course, English – but it’s one that Gibraltarians frequently converse in. While based on Andalucían Spanish, it incorporates elements of British English, Maltese, Portuguese, Genoese Italian and even the Judaeo-Spanish dialect, Haketia.

Enjoying a leisurely stroll to Spain

How many other parts of the world enable you to walk from British into Spanish territory as if it’s the most natural thing anyone could do? Well, nowhere, if we’re being honest. It’s something that you might just fancy doing if you spend any extended period of time in Gibraltar; all that you have to do is head to the territory’s northern tip and then follow the signs to Spain.

When you do, you’ll end up in La Línea de la Concepción, which – while by no means an especially pretty part of Spain – could serve as merely the start of your exploration of fascinatingly multicultural Andalucía.

As you can see, our Gibraltar wedding packages don’t have to be about you simply heading in and then straight out of this captivating British Overseas Territory. They could, instead, be part of a much longer and more involving stay in such an amazing part of the world, as you and your honey start your married lives together in the finest style.