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10 Must Have Photographs in Your Gibraltar Wedding

Gibraltar, a part of England, is a beautiful place that forms the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The rock of Gibraltar forms most of the landscape of Gibraltar. The weather here is Mediterranean and a minimal cold is maintained through out the year. The beautiful landscape mixed with the perfect climate, makes Gibraltar a dream wedding destination for many and has also witnessed pompous weddings of several celebrities.

Sweet Gibraltar weddings provides a wedding planner service that plans out your wedding and eases you out. The packages include everything from a photographer to the most beautiful wedding decor.

A wedding is not just a marriage between two people who love each other. Its a declaration of your love to the world and the people close to you participate in this day of joy. Lots of memories are stored within your eyes and your partners. Memories of the bride and the groom getting ready, memories of your first dance, and those sweet bridesmaid naughtiness. Memories of you walking down the isle with your parents. These events may pass, but their memories will persist for life.

Definitely, a photograph cant capture all the memories you make, but it sure plays an important part. The photographs of your wedding, good are bad are going to be with you for your lifetime and you will always cherish them. Years later, when your skin gets wrinkled, those days of joy and happiness will bring bliss to your heart. Lets have a look at some of the wedding pictures you should never miss while you wed in Gibraltar.

  1. A photograph of you and your love, getting married

This goes without saying. A picture is must. This is a moment you dedicated yourself to your love. A moment that linked you both forever. The moment of “I Do”. Be sure, you get at least one picture during the ceremony which you can look at, after many years, just to remember the moment and become lost in it.


2. A photograph of you both cutting the cake

Yeaa! Now you guys are officially a couple. And its time to shower some sweetness. Its time to cut the cake. Be sure to capture those little games and the naughty moments you experience during the cake-cutting.

3. The one with your friends and family

These are the people who stood besides you through thick and thin. They have witnessed your rise and your fall. But now onwards, everything is changing. They wont look at you the same way they used to look back in past. You will be a couple to them and they will regard you both as a single piece together. don’t forget to get a picture with them, until its too late for them to be that crazy fun-loving people.



4. A playful picture of you and your love

This picture shows your outlook towards your life. Engaged in your own little world, you two find happiness and peace in some of the busiest corners of the world. Capture that happiness in a picture that will always get a special place in your heart.

5. A casual pic of you and your love, engaged in the most life-like conversation

This picture captures you both in a way, your life is going to proceed. Through the ups and downs through the thick and thin and through all the moments, you will be turning to your love for comfort and guidance. A casual pic of you both tending to daily requirements will always bring a smile to your face.


6. A picture of the wedding arrangement

Believe it or not, you would always love to see again and again all those perfectly aligned chairs and those perfectly set tables all for your d-day.


7. A picture of the beautiful wedding decor

The flowers and the napkins. The beautiful antiques that made up the entire arrangement. Click a lot of pictures as these also formed an important part of your wedding.

8. The one with the bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are probably the most important ones to the brides. From picking up the wedding dress to mending to every little detail of your wedding day, they become a special part of the joyous occasion. Click a picture that shows their joy, enthusiasm and their love for you both as a couple.

9. A picture of you, your love and the rock of Gibraltar

You selected this lovely city for a reason. The weather and the heavenly landscape, sure demands a click. A picture you would always see and remember the heavenly day.


10. A picture that shows off your wedding dress

This picture is a must. Your kids would love to see their mama’s beautiful wedding dress and probably you would also bliss seeing it again and again.